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In 1998, CHI was awarded the NASA five-year John Glenn Research Center Installation Facilities Operations, Repair and Maintenance (IFORM) contract with responsibility to provide a wide range of facility maintenance services for this major space research center located in Cleveland, OH. The contract focuses on Center facilities/equipment preventive and predictive maintenance, utility system operations and maintenance, and general repair services in support of NASA’s ongoing space research activities.

Later that year, CHI was awarded the Center-wide three-year custodial contract with responsibility for providing janitorial services for over 2 million square feet of office, laboratory, research facilities, shops, hangars and warehouse space.

Early in 2000, CHI was awarded its third Glenn Research Center contract to perform an extensive electrical and mechanical system rehabilitation project for the Center. This work is in support of Glenn’s Basic Materials Laboratory where the rehabilitation is performed primarily after normal working hours so the Lab can continue to provide its basic research mission.

Later in 2000 CHI was awarded the custodial services contract at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD. CHI bid this contract because the Navy’s procurement plan indicated that this work would soon be combined into a new base support contract which is a primary new business target for the Company.

Latter part of 2000, CHI as a subcontractor with a small disadvantage Hub-Zone Company (JDD, Inc.) was awarded the custodial contract to support the 100 buildings located at Glen Research Center consist of over 2 million square feet of space. This is the same contract that CHI had held as a small business at the Glen Research Facilities noted above during 1998 through November 2000. This is a four year contract.

CHI was awarded a contract in 2001 to provide facilities mechanical and electrical modification services to NASA Glen Research Facilities. This contract is a 1.5 year contract.

CHI was awarded a five year contract in 2002 to perform custodial services in support of over 600 buildings and over 5.3 square feet of space located at the DOE Savannah River Site. This is a subcontract to Westinghouse who operates the Savannah River Site for DOE.

CHI in early 2002 as a subcontractor to DynCorp Technical Services was awarded a five year contract by NASA to provide center operations support services in support of the total Johnson Space Center (JSC) installation. CHI subcontract role is the important function of performing all utilities operations including utilities operations mission engineering support during shuttle launches.

May 2002, CHI and its small disadvantaged business partner were awarded a seven year Civil Engineering and Base Maintenance Support Contract at the Onizuka Air Force Station, Camp Parks Communications Annex, Air Force permitted facilities at Moffett Federal Airfield. This contract supports the Air Force 21st Space Operations Squadron and its unit at the base facilities.

May 2003, CHI was awarded a NASA 10 year John Glenn Research Center Facilities Operations, Repair and Maintenance (FORM) contract with responsibilities to provide a wide range of facilities maintenance services for this major space research center. The services include facilities/equipment preventive/predictive maintenance, utilities systems, operations and maintenance, general repair, grounds maintenance, environmental services and major/minor facilities management and installation.

July 2003, CHI was awarded a major electrical construction subcontract to rehab a major electrical system at the NASA John Glenn Research Center.

August 2003, Call Henry, Inc. was selected by the U.S. Air Force to provide Civil Engineering and Base Support Services in support of the Los Angeles Air Force Base, Los Angeles, CA. The services include project management, engineering, facilities maintenance and repair, utilities operations, grounds maintenance, pest control, family housing management and maintenance, restoration and modernization, emergency services and environmental engineering.

Call Henry, Inc. was awarded cost plus facilities maintenance and support contract in support of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the Research Triangle Park facilities, Durham North Carolina. The level of effort type contract was awarded in late 2004, protested and re-awarded in early 2005. The contract is responsible for providing facilities management and support services to some 1,500 EPA employees and 1,000 contract employees currently at six different locations in the research triangle area. The services consist of 23 areas from engineering to alterations, modification of laboratories, maintenance of facilities and equipment to construction, to environmental compliance to shuttle services. The contract is a five year contract including options.

Call Henry, Inc. was awarded a five year, time and material contract including options to provide facilities/equipment maintenance and construction services in support of the Air Force, Wright Patterson AFB eleven major laboratory facilities. The contract was awarded late 2004, with contract performance beginning January 2005.

Call Henry, Inc. was awarded 5 plus years cost plus award fee contract to provide launch operations support to the USAF at Vandenberg AFB. CHI provides a broad range of technical services to include maintenance, repair, facilities alteration, operations and user support services. Contract operation began May 1, 2005.

In 2006-2007 CHI focused on providing commercial renovations services. Over 100 contracts were executed

In 2009, CHI was awarded a contract with NASA Glenn Research Center, CHI's LEED AP Certified professionals are currently managing two LEED new construction commissioning efforts. One for a 325 person office space, with shared work areas, conference rooms and a flat floor auditorium. The project includes facilities, roadways, paved areas, underground utilities and facility systems. The building area is programmed as approximately 100,000 to 120,000 gross square feet, three to four stories above grade, with at least 250 parking spaces. The project budget is $20 million. The second effort is a 4,000 square foot Main Gate reception center.

All of our commissioning efforts follow the intent of AHSRAE Guideline 0-2005 to achieve a minimum of Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). CHI efforts include requirements development, conceptual space programming, incorporating the tenents of sustainability and maintainability through integrating reliability centered based criticality failure mode criticality analysis into the development of the future maintenance program, and introducing predictive tests and inspection technologies into the commissioning acceptance process to ensure all the design principles of high performance buildings managing, performing and reporting on the commissioning activities are incorporated into the commissioning process from design through beneficial occupancy.

In 2008, CHI, in partnership with Fort Mojave Construction Inc., won a contract at the Marine Corp Base at Twenty Nine Palms, California, to provide base-wide utilities and Base Facilities Maintenance Services. This contract will span for five years.